Terri has been practicing law in Tucson for over 19 years.  A native of Iowa, like her grandfather before her, Terri graduated from the University of Iowa.  Rather than follow in her family’s footsteps and becoming an engineer, Terri graduated with honors in Developmental Psychology.  She has always had a passion for understanding and helping children.  After working in the U of I graduate program she enrolled in law school.  Terri took her life experience and knowledge to focus her passion in a more dynamic way to advocate for children and families.  A 2000 graduate of the University of Iowa College of Law, Terri moved to Tucson where she now resides with her family and two children of her own. 

Terri began her law practice at the Pima County Public Defender’s Office representing children.  As an Assistant Public Defender for over a decade, she represented thousands of children through delinquency (criminal) and dependency (CPS/DCS) cases and the multitude of collateral matters related to Family and Juvenile Law practice from truancy to prison.  Few people appreciate the unique challenges of Juvenile Law practice, but Terri dedicated her entire career to issues related to juveniles and their families.  Terri’s experience and reputation with the prosecutors, probation department and judges make her well-equipped to navigate through the Juvenile Justice System so

Terri L. Pones Family & Juvenile Law Attorney

Tucson, Arizona

Terri L. Pones

​Attorney at Law

each child’s future was back in their hands.  Terri took that wealth of experience, knowledge, and her reputation with her into private practice and now focuses her passion and advocacy as a Family Law attorney in her own growing firm as the strongest and best advocate for you and your family situation no matter what life event brings you to her office.  Terri has the experience and compassion you need where it counts.  

Terri was born and raised in Iowa where she attended the University of Iowa. Terri was the first person in her father’s family to receive her college degree and the first in her mother’s family to earn a post-graduate degree.  After graduating with honors she worked as a graduate research assistant and managed a behavioral psychology lab conducting a 5 year longitudinal study on attachment and behavioral development in children from infancy to preschool.  Her research contributions and collaboration helped produce numerous publications in various psychology journals.  Leaving research and academia she continued on her life-long dream of becoming a lawyer and advocating for children.  Having to work often three separate part-time jobs while earning her J.D,, Terri is no stranger to hard work and brings that dedication and perseverance to her clients and their individual case every day.  Anxious to put her skills to work, and dreading yet another brutal Iowa winter, Terri moved to Tucson in January 2000 and completed her last semester of law school at the University of Arizona College of Law as a visiting student.  During that time she was able to familiarize herself with the ever-growing Juvenile Court system and made connections she still cherishes today with other members of the community similarly dedicated to Juvenile and Family Law practice.  

Since venturing into private practice Terri has availed herself of new opportunities for professional and personal growth to become an even stronger advocate for the children and families of Pima County and Southern Arizona.  Terri has years of experience as a judge pro tem (an attorney who serves as a substitute judge) at Juvenile Court and Superior Court.  Terri also participates regularly in programs and continuing legal education seminars to learn the ever-changing rules and laws associated with Family Law practice in Pima County. 

Terri was actively involved at the Northwest YMCA where she volunteered as a committee member for the Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders Program and fund-raising gala.  Terri also sat on the NW YMCA’s Board of Managers as well as participated in programs and volunteering throughout the YMCA with her daughter.  Currently Terri is actively involved in volunteering in the Step Up to Justice free legal clinic held at the Superior Court in Pima County.

In addition to her vast experience as an attorney, Terri is no stranger to Family Law proceedings from the other side of the table.  Through her own life experience she too has been the concerned, divorcing parent struggling to make decisions for her own children amidst the devastation and conflict separating parents endure.  Today she is happily remarried and the proud parent of two amazing children she has promised will be minimally affected by the disruptions in their lives she has experienced both as a single parent and a child of divorced parents.  With all this understanding and compassion, Terri makes the same promise to her clients:  To help make these processes as productive as possible with the least amount of conflict and collateral damage as the parties and the system will allow. Too often the clients at Juvenile Court were the product of the problems and conflicts that started in Family Court by well-intended, caring parents who were unable or unwilling to put their differences aside for the well-being of their children. Regardless of your issue or conflict, Terri will do what she can to help you navigate the process and assist you and your family on to a new life experience.